25 Jul, 2017
Roca One Day Design Challenge in Hong Kong 2016

How to Transform a 3m2 Space into a Perfect Bathroom?

In Hong Kong, having limited living space is a challenging reality for many people. How can we create an ideal bathroom space in spite of the constraint? It is the task given to the participants of the second edition of ‘Roca One Day Design Challenge’ in Hong Kong, following the well-acclaimed first edition last year.

On 23rd November 2016, 100 students and young professionals in the field of design and architecture gathered at the space of RocaConcepts and tried to figure out some innovative solutions for a modern bathroom with their great creativity and the advanced technology.

Within the time limit of a day, the participants were required to create a 3 x 3 x 3 meters bathroom space that serves 3 functions – WC, washbasin, and shower, for a household of 3 people. And the results were fruitful.

The winning design is ‘Water Drop’, a convertible bathroom space that consists of a special flexible membrane attached to the ceiling. When filled with water, the membrane is scratched and transformed into a comfortable bathtub.

The 1st Runner-up project ‘Toiletᶟ’ gives a smart solution for all family members to use the bathroom simultaneously with a movable multi-layered wall panel. The 2nd Runner-Up prize went to ‘Smart-Room’, an intelligent system that allows different users to customise the bathroom space depending on their needs, switching between shower, bath, and wardrobe.

These remarkable projects were selected by the jury made up of internationally reputed design and architecture professionals. Thanks to Roca’s commitment to promoting local young designers, the second international edition of ‘Roca One Day Design Challenge’ in Hong Kong continues to give local creative minds valuable opportunities to expose their great talent to the global design world.

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