25 Jul, 2017
Roca’s ‘The Bath History – A Historical Retrospective’ Exhibition

How did Bathroom Products Transform over Time?

In 2016, RocaConcepts organised the successful exhibition ‘The Bath History – A Historical Retrospective’ in Hong Kong, so as to celebrate the beautiful bathroom antique pieces in the history – from the 18th century to nowadays.

Among them, the most precious royal exhibit was the dolphin-shaped toilet possessed by the Empress Sissi of Austria, by the end of the 19th century. Known as the ‘master of toilet’, the ‘Dolphin-Shaped Toilet’ is a ceramic toilet with a siphon in the shape of a dolphin – the trademark of Empress Sissi. It demonstrated that bathroom products could be personalised and decorative, besides being practical for personal hygiene.

The exhibition also displayed several exceptional Roca’s products, including the revolutionary toilet designs of the modern time.‘W+W’ is an environment-friendly combination of the washbasin and the water closet. Its clever design allows the water used in the basin to be stored, disinfected, and later reused for the toilet. The awards-wining ‘W+W’ shows how the design of today can gracefully integrate style, practicality, and sustainability.

On the other hand, ‘Alba Integrated Intelligent Toilet’ illustrates the future of toilet design. It comprises of all the functions you can dream of and provides you with a fully automatic experience. With elegant design by Pau Raviras & Carlos Torrente, ‘Alba’ represents the toilet of tomorrow sunrise with multiple functionalities.

Founded in 1917, Roca has been determined to bring the innovative and extraordinary bathroom experience to people. Started from Barcelona, Spain, the company has witnessed the inspired changes of the modern bathroom in the last century and been devoted to exploring its infinite possibilities in innovation, sustainability, technology, and design.